Football is a sport that requires a unique skill set given the position of the athlete.
At AF Elite Training it is our mission to provide every athlete with the performance they need to succeed; whether that be speed/agility, power or strength, our programs and facility have what every player needs.

Our specialized football trainer, Dylan Stanton played football for many years and played for the Edmonton Huskies for 5 years.

Along the way, he had the opportunity to play along side and work with many professional players as well as learn from the best in the business.

AF Elite strives to provide the best quality of training for football players of all skill levels and position. Team, group, and personal training options available!

Spring Camp Football Strength & Conditioning Camp for Skill Development

Train like a Pro, Perform like a Pro

Download Football Camp .PDF Here

Pre Spring Camp Weekend Strength / Conditioning For all Positions

  • Strength & Conditioning Workshop to aid in Performance, Skill and Injury Prevention
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment – Performed by Dr. Todd of Performance Chiropractic
  • Two day, 2 hours a day Strength & Conditioning workshop
  • Initial Intake Baseline Testing
  • Position Specific 4 week program provided at the end
  • Access to High End Training Facility providing a safe athletic environment (you will get 24 hour, 7 day a week access during the 8 week camp0
  • Access to Yoga, Spin and Group Strength Classes
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Supplement Discounts

Registration $125 – Register for Main Camp S&C camp at the same time, get both camps for $200 total.
Camp runs April 28th and 29th
To Register Call 780-757-3481
Held at Anytime Fitness Old Strathcona